Blowing Machine-HF(HK Series)

HK-8005:0.4 KW / HK-801:0.75 KW
HK-802:1.5 KW / HK-803:2.2 KW
HK-804:3.7 KW / HK-805-810:5.5-7.5 KW
HK-815-820:11-15 KW

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Category: Blowing Machine
> The angle of utter can be adjusted.
> The direction can be made by A or B.
> Heat-Resistant 100°C.
> Accept special order of waterproof and insulation style, Heat-Resistant 200°C.
Main Product:Turbo Blower / Turbo Multistage Blower / Lower Noise Blower / Multi-Blade Blower