Hong Feng Electric Machine Co.,Ltd.

Following the upgrade of domestic industry and the importance of raising market competition power, Hung Feng Blower forward much high technical skill and cost on Assembly Equipments and inspection Equipments for persuading stability of products, establish systematic and automatically procedure.
Hung Feng Blower pay more than 6% of total sales amount on RD per year and obtain the Certification of CE. We are full of confidence on property, specification and efficiency of Hung Feng Blower products. We trust we can get variety of Certification and focus on the Quality Control. All above effort Hung Feng had made will support Hung Feng to develop International business and gain the Blower market share higher step by step.


Business Items

1. Production of Variety specification Blower and Manufactory of Machine Hardware
2. Export/Import/Investment of Blowers and Machinery
Main Product:Turbo Blower / Turbo Multistage Blower / Lower Noise Blower / Multi-Blade Blower
Industry for:CNC Machinery / Plastic Machinery / Printing Machinery / Process Cameras/ Boiler Equipment
Electrical Equipment / Hospitalism Equipment / Buring Machinery / Environmentalism Farming and Hatchery

Company Profile & Contact Details

Established in:1995
Business types::ODM Manufacturer / OEM Manufacturer / Exporter
Tel:886-2-22978012 / Fax:886-2-22978010
E-mail:hung1.feng@msa.hinet.net / URL:http://www.hungfeng.com
No.15-7,Lane 46,Fongjiang Rd.,Taishan Township Taipei County,243 Taiwan

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